Birthday Parties

Been MIA for a while now from my blog…the last month or so have been horrible. Between work, K and the new baby (13 weeks now!), I have been so exhausted that writing just took a back seat.

My K turned 2 this past week and he has been the center of attention. His “Happy Laa-laa”, as he likes to call is birthday, was awesome. His squeals of delight upon seeing his gifts, the birthday cake, the clown and the bouncy castle were enough to put huge smiles on our faces and for us to sigh with relief that our baby was truly happy and excited.

K is a summer baby and so planning a birthday in our backyard was an easy option for both his birthdays. Our large yard is the perfect setting for kids to run wild. However, with baby no. 2 due in December, it hit me yesterday that my second one will not have a backyard birthday party. No summer colors, bouncy castles, piniata, bubbles or playing in the sandbox. Instead, it would be held indoors with dull, dreary colors. There may not even be a lot of people around at that time what with Christmas and New Year in that week. I know I am thinking way ahead in the future but time flies with kids and before you know it, I will be looking for a Chuck E Cheese or something of that sort to gather a few kids and celebrate the baby’s birthday.

On the other hand, maybe just maybe we can do the destination birthday thing. Note to self – buy a 649 ticket next time I am at the grocery store.

What are some of the unique things you have done for your winter baby?