Flying with a baby

We have traveled more after we had our son K and I don’t just mean getting in the car and driving to a neighboring city, but loooooong trans-atlantic flights and train travel.

We did Frankfurt, Berlin and Prague at 3 months, London and Berlin (again) at 8 months and Delhi, Goa, Indore and Mumbai (India) at 17 months.

So, we have traveled with a baby and a toddler and know how stressed out parents are right before a flight. Here are a few tips:

  1. When booking, let the agent know you are traveling with a baby. Make sure you let them know what you will need before hand i.e. bassinet, milk, baby food etc.
  2. Relax as much as possible before the flight. I found that if I napped before the flight or even just took a few minutes for myself to relax, I was better equipped emotionally to handle my son.
  3. Carry only the essentials in the diaper bag. On my first flight, I had a diaper bag that weighed almost 10 kgs and I didn’t need half the stuff! As we traveled more, I started only taking the essential items that I needed on the plane and then bought everything else once we reached our destination. I typically took enough diapers for the flight and half a day, a travel pack of wipes, pacifiers (always carry an extra one!), a pair of his jammies, food/milk, a plastic bib, medicines such as Tylenol or Tempra, a hand sanitizer, and a couple of toys. I also had a separate diaper pouch within the bag so I wasn’t carrying the whole bag with me to the washroom in the plane.
  4. Entertainment is necessary! We always keep a new toy with us for each plane ride. On our last trip, we took a DVD player and a touchpad to keep our little one busy. These worked like a charm and kept him on his seat and out of the aisles!
  5. Sleep time. We would turn off our seat lights, tv screens and try to make K as comfortable as possible. Typically, he would fall asleep.
  6. Give your baby space. Its ok to let him move around, shout and babble. Most people are understanding and don’t create a fuss.

Now that you have a baby, traveling is no longer easy. But if you are prepared for it, vacations can be almost as enjoyable! 🙂


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