My son has now been going to daycare for a month and has been sick for 2 and 1/2 weeks out of the 4.

The reaction from his grandparents is the typical brown family-overly concerned-frantic questioning-over the phone, “Why is he sick all the time?”, “Have you taken him to the Doctor? What did he say? Why is he sick all the time?”, “Don’t you cover him properly when you take him out?”, “He is too young to go to daycare. Why don’t you stay at home and be with him?”.

No, I like to bathe my toddler and leave him outside, buck naked, in the freezing rain. Sheesh!!! I am his mother and I care about him. Of course, he is dressed appropriately for winter when he goes out.

The problem is that everyone except you, the mother, knows how to take care of your child. This is especially seen in South Asian families. It is futile to explain that the kid is going to daycare for the first time, he will fall sick initially, while his immune system is building and getting stronger.

What do I do then? I do what any stressed out  mother would do..”Hello? Hello? Can’t hear you…I’ll call you back later.” *Disconnect*


2 thoughts on “Escape”

  1. Hi, Bedtimes are for Suckers here! Of course you can repost my chart!
    BTW, none of my business, but you shouldn never bathe a toddler and leave him outside. 🙂

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