A year full of Firsts

After a long absence, was inspired by my sister to get blogging again.

My son, Kabir, is now a year and a half, has started to go to daycare and I am back to work, although, part-time.  He has become independent and I finally get some time to myself. *Cartwheels!*

Looking back, I miss the excitement of seeing him do things for the first time…his first tooth, first roll off the bed (!), the first time he crawled, his first steps and the first time he said “mama”.  Now, he doesn’t need me as much as he used to. He likes to eat by himself and doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep anymore :(.  My baby is growing up.

I remember on his first birthday, we put together a collage of Kabir’s pictures that captured his milestone moments and fun “First” facts.  We celebrated his first birthday with close family and friends by holding a backyard party at our home. We avoided the typical “brown” party at a banquet hall and opted for a home party for the following reasons:

  •  Kabir’s comfort – we knew that the party would run for a few hours and for a one-year old that can seem like an eternity. Being in a known environment would give him comfort amongst the many people and loud music.
  • Cost – although your child’s first birthday is one of the most important days in your life, it is really a celebration for the adults. Believe me, your baby will not remember anything. Therefore, we wanted a good, lively party without breaking our bank balance.
  • Our guests – since most of our guests were parents with toddlers, we wanted the adults to sit back and relax while letting the kids run off their steam in the yard.

Don’t get me wrong, we still had a Thomas-the-train cake, a tent in case it rained, a caterer on the spot cooking appetizers on the tandoor and BBQ, fun games for the kids, music and decorations. In the end it worked out beautifully. We were able to spend time with our friends and family and rejoice in the happiness of our child.



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