Watch your step!

Ok so the minute you tell your family you are pregnant, hell breaks loose. Everyone is ecstatic and raring to put their 2 cents in on what you should and should not do.

So to all the brown mommies-to be, here is my experience:

1. The first 3 months are extremely important and you’ve got to be careful but there is no need to forsake your nice shoes as long as they are comfortable.

2. If you lose weight in the first trimester – don’t worry about it! Family may try to stuff food down your throat since you are supposed to be “eating for two”, but eat foods that you like. I could hardly keep anything down on some days and survived on burnt toast or cold foods on these days. Since you may be experiencing  bouts of nausea and may not be eating regularly, losing weight in the first trimester is quite normal. It will  come back and more in the next trimester!

3. You start enjoying the pregnancy in the 2nd trimester. I loved my baby bump and never tried to hide under loose clothes or shawls.

4. The 3rd trimester is filled with anticipation and excitement. Rest as much as you can and pamper yourself. You may not be able to do so for sometime after the baby’s arrival.

5. Getting prepared for labour:   Indian women are advised to mop floors in a crouching position, walk, drink milk laden with ghee and eat a dry fruit mixture in the last month of the pregnancy. It is said that these help in the delivery process of the baby and the baby will just “slide” out. Ladies, ladies, ladies….I beg to differ with this.  I did all of the above in addition to eating pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating spicy food and having sex but my baby was still 10 days overdue. I had to be induced, had a 36 hour labour and a vacuum assisted delivery.

Do what naturally is comfortable for you and your body. Your body will tell you during the course of the pregnancy what does and does not work for you.


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