A bottle of wine a day!

As a brown couple married for  3 years, we had broken the general timeline of producing a baby within a year or two of marriage.  After many snide remarks and emotional blackmail by relatives, we decided to go for it.

I always thought getting pregnant would never be an issue. After all, no one on either side of my family had trouble conceiving kids and I did not suffer from any health problems (except for a little extra weight here and there!). So when it came time to start trying, my husband and I were excited and expected it to happen sooner than later for us.

I can’t honestly say that we tried sincerely at first, but when nothing seemed to happen, I decided to do some research. I came upon a whole new world of couples desperately trying to conceive. There are numerous sites, blogs and chat-rooms dedicated to pregnancy-related issues including trouble getting pregnant. TTC (trying to conceive), LMP (last menstrual period) etc. were terms commonly used in these forums. It was mind-boggling to read about perfectly healthy couples undergoing fertility treatments. I felt myself being sucked into this world and soon, start panicking about why we were not getting pregnant.Long story short, after a year of numerous urine and blood tests, ultrasounds, a painful biopsy and the monthly disappointment of negative pregnancy tests, it turned out that I wasn’t ovulating. I was advised that it was likely due to stress. Stress that I was putting on myself and our relationship because I wasn’t pregnant yet! Vicious circle? Duh!!!

That is when my husband decided that we stop trying for a bit and if we are meant to get pregnant, we will. After 2 months of “not trying” and many bottle of wine, I had a missed period. Four positive pregnancy tests later, my husband and I thought it safe to celebrate. After all, we were going to be parents!For those couples out there who are calculating the best days to have sex, hanging upside down so that gravity can give the ” l’il swimmers” an extra push to get to the egg, and going through tons of pregnancy tests each month, I can only advise you to relax. Stressing out about it and making sex a mechanical process does not help at all.  So, kick back and just enjoy the baby making process…!


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